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Egetürk, presently one of the leading meat and garlic sausage companies of Germany, was founded by Burhan Öngeren in 1966.

The first garlic sausages produced by Öngören were named and branded as “İzmir Hakiki Türk Sucukları”.

The production which started in a small workshop in Köln, expanded from 20 kilos to 400 kilos a day due to increased demand in the first 3 months of production.

To meet the highly increased demand, Burhan Öngören took the first step of growth and started to employ workers. At the same time, he created distribution and marketing opportunities in Cologne and in other cities of Germany by making a business agreement with a wholesale trading company named İstanbul Feinkost which was also owned by a Turkish citizen.

For Turks who feel homesick, the garlic sausages quickly became a way to fulfill their longing to taste and smell their homeland without leaving Germany.

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