Dairy products of the Premium class.

About Gazi

The range of GAZİ covers the full range of Mediterranean milk specialties:

Tasty sheep, cow and goat cheese, semi-hard cheese, yogurt variations, refreshing Ayran, grill and pan cheese flavored with herbs or chilli and many other specialties.

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White Cheese salad

Trust through quality

Quality creates trust – trust is the prerequisite for customer loyalty. And so our actions are always aligned with our strict quality philosophy. The highest demands on the quality of our products, selection of the best ingredients, the most modern technology and hygiene, decades of experience, an absolute market-orientation and our production facilities spread throughout Europe have made us the market leader in Europe for ethnic dairy products.

In addition to the internationally recognised quality standards IFS and BRC, which ensure the constant quality of all products, the garmo corporate group products also meet the requirements for a halal product. Our products are tested for the Halal guidelines according to the most modern methods and technologies. The certification is held by the approved institute Halal Control e.V. We are happy to provide you with the certificates on request.

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White Cheese salad

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